What we do

NRAS campaigns in lots of different ways to help raise the profile of RA, promote access to treatments and high-quality care and support.

We regularly publish major research and run key events to inform policymakers about the needs of people with RA.

NRAS also runs Campaign Networks to involve people with RA directly in campaigning and we work with numerous coalitions to influence broader policy agendas such as musculoskeletal, long term conditions and welfare reform.


An overview of the types of campaign research we produce and information about our latest publications


Information about the specific campaigning events we run, including the biennial Healthcare Champion Awards and our annual RA Summit

Campaign Networks 

An introduction to the work of our NRAS Ambassadors who are working to raise the profile of RA with policymakers around the UK

Coalition Working 

A list of all the campaigning coalitions that NRAS works with on a day-to-day basis to further the interests of people with RA