We are always looking for help to raise the profile of RA in the UK and support those with the condition

About the Volunteer Network

The Network is made up of Volunteers throughout the UK, many of whom have rheumatoid arthritis.

Our Volunteers participate in many different activities and it is up to them when, what and how they volunteer. 

What do Volunteers do?

Here are just some of the activities NRAS Volunteers can choose from to support others living with RA:

  • Give telephone support by being a part of our Telephone Support Network
  • Distribute information about NRAS and rheumatoid arthritis to doctors surgeries and their rheumatology unit, keep posters up to date and literature stands replenished
  • Set up NRAS local patient groups with the aim of empowering patient decision-making and encouraging self-help and mutual support 
  • Create awareness of the disease through informing others and acting as media spokespeople 
  • Participate in rheumatology service planning with local Rheumatology teams, Health Authorities, the ARMA (Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance) Network and other professional bodies 
  • Assist the medical profession through participating in surveys, research and training medical personnel 
  • Initiate local fundraising for NRAS 
  • Further any of the charity's campaigning aims by speaking to MPs

About the Telephone Support Network

It can be important for someone with rheumatoid arthritis to be able to talk with someone who has first-hand experience of the disease because people who don’t have it can never really understand what it’s like, or indeed see life from the perspective of someone who does. Full training is given to appropriate candidates who would like to volunteer to help others in this way. We are looking for people who have been diagnosed for at least two years and have 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt and are ready to give support back to others. If you think you have what it takes to become a Telephone Support Volunteer then please phone 01628 823 524.

Interested in volunteering?

info stand

If you think you would like to be an NRAS Volunteer please email volunteers@nras.org.uk to request an application form.

Please note there may not always be volunteering opportunities in all areas of the UK and that NRAS do rely on Volunteers to identify possible 

opportunities in their own areas that may benefit the work of NRAS.

A volunteer's experience

One of the things which we at the NRAS Office find so humbling, is the modesty of our Volunteers who do so much to help others. This is part of an email sent in by a Volunteer (who wishes to remain anonymous), which sums this up …

“I'm only one member of a large number of Volunteers who are fighting for the cause, and as many will tell you, I like to do things from the backstage; there are far more deserving folks who should have the spotlight on them. I just like the feeling I get when I see someone going away with some extra knowledge, and a smile on their faces after being pointed in the right direction to get the proper treatment or advice for their condition. 


From being retired through ill health at the age of 29, it's great to be using my skills to benefit others. Because of this, I feel better not only mentally (as it takes away some of the more depressing effects of the arthritis), but also the physical well being I've also gained from working with a great bunch of dedicated people. Everyone has a skill they can use, and they need not feel on the scrap heap. As more and more groups are set up, our combined voices can, and will make a difference.”