The Apippra study (Arthritis Prevention in the Pre-Clinical Phase of RA with Abatacept) is a UK wide 2 year study which aims to test whether medication already licensed for use in RA can prevent or delay the onset of the disease. Currently there are 19 rheumatology units across the UK signed up to participate in this study. More units are invited to join the study and if you are a rheumatologist or a research nurse and would like more information about your department participating please email the APIPPRA research team at or call 0207 8480852.

The study is now recruiting participants and it is anticipated that close family members of people living with RA may be most interested in taking part as they may be at higher risk of developing RA.

If you know of someone who is suffering from some, currently unexplained, joint pain in feet, wrists, hands etc. and would like to find out more about this exciting and ground breaking research study ask them to please contact or call 020 78480852.