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Before you get started

Here are some quick tips to help you take full advantage of this unique interactive video programme:

  • The interactive video is fully compatible with desktops, laptops and tablets - not mobile phones. 
  • As a registered user of Love Your Heart, you can interact with the programme by interacting with the video player, such as clicking on buttons, or typing in text.
  • The interactive video programme consists of seven chapters and will take roughly 1-2 hours to complete from start to end. If at any stage you need to step away from your device, use the ‘Save & Exit’ button on the right-top corner of the video. This will ensure your progress is saved and you can pick up where you left off when you log back in!
  • To go from one chapter to another or view the full list of chapters, click on the ‘Navigate Menu’ button on the left-top corner of the video
  • The video supports English subtitles, you can turn them on at the bottom of the video player.

What the interactive video programme lets you do

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  • It helps you understand the reasons why RA increases risk of CVD. You will hear from people with RA who have done this programme in a face-to-face format and benefitted from it
  • It tells you how to do a QRISK®2 assessment, which is a test best done with your GP and comprises a questionnaire and fasting blood test to identify you cholesterol levels.
  • It tells you ways in which you can reduce your own personal risk of CVD. There are high quality videos from medical experts on exercise, nutrition and stopping smoking.
  • It helps you to set goals and mitigate the CVD risks within your own control associated with your condition. Moreover, it sends you all the information automatically via email so that you can keep track!

Towards the end of the assessment, you will be able to download and print a certificate of completion.

Data Privacy

We care about your privacy! Any data you provide during the Love Your Heart interactive video programme will be stored securely our video developer’s servers, not NRAS servers. NRAS will not be able to see any of your personal data other than your name, email address and data consent. We will receive anonymised monthly reports from our video developer with aggregated data so your privacy will be completely protected at all times. NRAS will use this anonymous data for collective analysis to evaluate how well the programme is being received and how it can be improved further for people with RA. Full Privacy Policy here

Technical Bugs

This is the first time an interactive video programme to evaluate CVD risk in people with RA has been built to this population. It is possible that there may be some technical issues that you experience while using the interactive video, like a broken link or a button not working as expected. We would be very grateful if you could report any technical issues by clicking here

More Information

To read more about Love Your Heart and how it was developed, visit this section. For any other information or questions, email us at 

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