Liverpool night rider challenge

Charlotte Taylor tells us why she took to two wheels in memory of her dad

Charlotte Taylor BikesMy dad, Paul Anthony Taylor was diagnosed with RA when he was just 28 years old. He never complained and always tried to live as normal a life as possible. The difference was that each day he knew he was getting worse and every week he was subject to relentless pain. After a few years it was clear the condition was affecting virtually every joint in his body. Dad had two hip replacements, numerous stays in hospital and eventually the dreaded RA attacked his lungs. Despite his difficult day to day life, dad 

managed to work full time, support his daughters through university and be a loving husband for 25 years. Dad had to stop playing football and squash but maintained a keen love for all sport – he’d have loved watching the recent Olympics!  As his disease progressed he was only seeing a few key members of the family and was no longer able to leave the house. Knowing one day that he would have to leave “his girls” behind must have been a huge worry.

Charlotte Taylor Dad

When I told dad that I was going to do a 60 mile bike ride to raise money for a charity of his choice he was hugely supportive, that is when he’d eventually stopped laughing! We chose to raise money for rheumatoid arthritis in the hope that extra funds will give support and provide solutions for many sufferers of RA. Dad passed away before I completed the Liverpool Night Rider Challenge but I hope he would have been proud of myself and my fiancé Katie Martin.  We also raised funds for the Carers Link Lancashire as my mum, sister and I had cared for dad for a long time and Carers Link offers support to all carers.