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  • Brian’s Story

    hey say life begins at 40, well my life did, but some may say it stopped because 3 years passed my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with RA. Some would say their life was over, but I was determined not to let it get me down. Oh life was going to change but not end.

  • My experiences on tocilizumab

    I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in September 2009. Looking back I had been experiencing symptoms for a few months. I started to get pain in my feet and toes and standing out of bed in the mornings was agony, almost as if I had stood on glass. As a regular gym user I put the pain down to overdoing the aerobics and I even replaced my training shoes as I thought maybe this was contributing.

  • Roll up! Roll up! The RA Rollercoaster is in town!

    April 2011, I was a 48 year old woman, getting on with everyday life but then it was my turn to get on the ride, and what a ride it is!

  • Gardening with RA... yes you can!

    Yes, I do many things differently and some I don’t even attempt. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for over 25 years. I’ve had several joints replaced and some scraped out and reassembled. I’m not a professional gardener - just an enthusiastic amateur.

  • Living with RA, but “I’m Fine”

    I was 18 and only a few months into my student nurse training when I developed my first symptoms of RA. Initially it was just pain in the balls of my feet but gradually the pain and stiffness spread to my ankles, hands, wrists and then to my knees and shoulders.

  • Like millions of young boys my childhood dream was to play for England at Wembley

    I was one of those typical sports mad boys that played every sport possible and if I wasn’t playing sport, I was watching it