Your stories

  • Dear Dad

    A daughter's letter to her father, who lives with RA.

  • Alice Dyson-Jones: Hockey and RA

    “You probably need to slow down a bit, you had a sinus operation last month and your back and shoulders are the stiffest I’ve ever seen them. You need to give your immune system a chance to do what it’s meant to do, and you should see your rheumatologist, your meds may need adjusting…good news though, your tennis elbow is much better, I’m signing you off. ”

  • A 'Wheely' Inspirational Story

    By way of introduction, I am Julian Earl and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the spring 2009. In 2008 it was thought to be a post-viral reactive arthritis but it did not improve as expected so the diagnosis was amended to being sero-negative RA.

  • Harry Bhamrah - My Story

    I was born in Kenya and moved to London when I was 16. I am married with two daughters, one is a GP (which is handy) and the other an orthodontist consultant, I am also blessed with a 4 month old grandson.

  • How my Rheumatoid Arthritis has adapted to cope with me

    During my childhood in the 1950’s my mother had severe rheumatoid arthritis. I remember very well the marked deformity of her joints, the wrist splints, the elbow crutches and the pain and suffering she endured. Then the main stay of treatment were large doses of aspirin.

  • Work and RA - Career Progression (anon)

    My new employer was very helpful, as they made it clear they valued me and wanted me to stay with them. However, I feel that the disease has created a slight feeling of being trapped in my current job. RA has affected my career progression

  • Work and RA - Being a Single Parent (anon)

    I am a single parent of two young children. Prior to my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, I was working full-time as a Health and Safety Officer, which involved both desk work and visits to building sites.

  • Heather Senior - Man’s Best Friend truly making smiles!

    Heather shares her story about her best four-legged friend – Zak. A Beagle who has bought her joy, good times and walks in the fresh air again.

  • Alan Wiles - No One Can Take My Smile From Me

    Alan is one of our Members, he wanted to share his story with us during RA awareness week and support us to raise awareness and show people what it’s like #behindthesmile

  • Michael Kuluva - Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love!

    Michael Kuluva is an American fashion designer and founder of the New York Fashion Week label Tumbler and Tipsy. Born in 1983, he started out as a professional figure skater but now has a colourful career as a fashion designer. A lover of Birkin bags and chocolate, Michael was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2011. He talks to us about life #behindthesmile