Shaping the Rheumatology Service in Scotland - The Patient Voice

Survey of patients with established disease
The Scottish patient experience survey of people with established disease was carried out in RA clinics across the country over the winter months 2017/18 with an excellent response rate and geographical spread. Results were very encouraging, expressing an overwhelmingly positive view of the service we all use. Possible areas of weakness highlighted in the findings included poor co-ordination between secondary and primary care, inadequate access to self-management training, too little signposting to patient or other organisations offering information/help, and some delays in offering appointments in the case of unexpected cancellation or additional clinical need arising.

Representatives of NRAS have been involved throughout in this exercise and we continue to take part in discussions with the Scottish Society for Rheumatology (SSR) about exploring the scope for real improvements which might be made in the service in response to survey findings.

You may see an outline of the findings here in the form in which they were presented to the SSR conference last November

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