Royal College of Nursing and NHS England briefing on best value biological medicines for specialist nurses

Ailsa, NRAS CEO and Clare, Deputy CEO have been working for a number of years with NHS Endgland (NHSE) to represent the patient voice in regard to the introduction of biosimilar medicines and switching programmes in RA. In the last 12 months we have also been working on the NHSE Adalimumab Patient Working Panel regarding the introduction of Humira biosimilars (4 came to market end 2019). It has come to our notice that not all specialist nurses and allied health professionals are aware of or have seen the NHSE Briefing on Best Value Biological Medicines for Specialist Nurses which sits on the Specialist Pharmacy Service website. We have also contributed to a toolkit of resources for health professionals including a template letter to inform patients about switching to a biosimilar, FAQ information and an article which went into our Winter 2018 members’ magazine these resources can be downloaded from the SPS website and the NRAS website here. Be sure to check out our Biosimilars section which also contains further range of patient resources in video and written format which you can sign-post your patients to.

We are keen to hear from health professionals and patients about experiences (good and bad) of switching and being switched.

We shall shortly be updating our own position statement on biosimilars.