RA Awareness Week - Send in your photo or video story


Whether you were in your late teens, early 20s or late 40s when diagnosed with RA, we want to hear your story! Our theme is #AnyoneAnyAge and we want to highlight that RA can affect anyone at any age over 16. Share your story on your personal social media account by uploading a photo from the year you were diagnosed along with a short quote (20-50 words) about how you first reacted to it. Make sure to tag it with #AnyoneAnyAge and #RAAW, so we can detect the story from our end and share it with hundreds of thousands of people through the NRAS digital platforms. If you do not use social media but would still like to share your story through NRAS platforms, please send it to us in an email at media@nras.org.uk 


We need your help! Can you take a short 60 second video on selfie camera to spread awareness of RA?

What and why
This RA Awareness Week, we want to raise awareness amongst the public that Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect anyone at any age. We need you to film a short 60 second video (or less) telling us at what age you were diagnosed with RA and how you reacted to it.

Content of the video
Using your front-facing (selfie) camera, please take a short 60-sec video of yourself with the following structure in mind:

  1. Introduce yourself > 2.Talk about how you reacted to the diagnosis > 3.Tell us how your RA was misunderstood by public or family> 4. End with the RAAW Tagline: “RA can affect AnyoneAnyAge
  • Introduction example: My name is XYZ and I was diagnosed with RA when I was X
  • First Reaction example:When I was diagnosed, I felt …’,  ‘When I first heard about my diagnosis, I was...’  
  • Misconception example:No one in my family understood me or my RA’, or ‘When I told people I had RA, they …’
  • Tagline example: – ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect AnyoneAnyAge’

Other instructions
Please hold the mobile phone in landscape mode and keep the phone as steady as possible. If possible, use the selfie camera to film yourself.

How to send your video
Once complete, upload your video to www.wetransfer.com and send it to us at media@nras.org.uk. We’ll share it during RA Awareness Week on our social media platforms to raise awareness for those living with RA. If you have any issues, please contact us on 01628 823 524.