RA Awareness Week 2019 (17-23 June)

Thank you so much for supporting RAAW 2019! Details around the success of the campaign will be uploaded soon. Watch this space.


#AnyoneAnyAge - Rheumatoid Arthritis

"Aren't you too young for that?"

"My granny has that"

"I have a bit of that in my knees"

These are common reactions a person with RA gets when they tell someone about their condition. Many people believe RA is an old person's disease but in reality, RA can affect anyone over the age of 16!

You could be a 33yr old athlete like Alice, a 28yr old fashion designer like Michael Kuluva or a 31yr old doctor like Matt Iseman and still be diagnosed with RA. It is an auto-immune condition which in addition to your internal joints, can affect internal organs such as the heart, lungs and eyes. The 'auto-immune' nature of the condition is what distinguishes RA from the more widely known form of arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) - caused by wear and tear joints as you get older.

Through RA Awareness Week (RAAW) 2019, from 17-23 June, we are challenging these misconceptions of 'arthritis' being a condition of the elderly or associated with ageing. This is the 6th year RAAW and with your help we can spread the message far and wide making a significant impact on people's understanding and perception of RA. 

How you can get involved

Order the RA Awareness Week PackOrder - RAAW Pack
It is not too late to order your RA Awareness Week Pack, which contains everything you need to help plan your event. Already holding an event? Make sure to tag us online with #AnyoneAnyAge and #RAAW and share photos. Final date of order is 14th June.

- Share a photo from when you were diagnosedShare photo - RA Awareness Week
Whether you were in your 20s, 30s or 50s, share a photo from your age of diagnosis telling us how you reacted to it. Tag it #RAAW #AnyoneAnyAge and we'll share your message. A lucky winner will be picked at random for a social media giveaway (hint). You can share your story over video too. 

- Add the RAAW Facebook Frame to your profile picture
RAAW - Facebook Frame
The frame will be available one day before the start of RA Awareness Week, on 16 June. Add it by visiting Facebook and searching ‘RA Awareness Week’..

- Send an email to your MP in 30 seconds
Use our ready-made template to email your MP/ MSP/ AM about RA Awareness Week. 

Email your MP - RA Awareness WeekYou can edit the email to make it more personal or you can just send it as it is. This is a great way of raising awareness and will really help us to achieve some of our key campaigning aims.
Link for UK-wide MP's
Link for MSP's in Scotland
Link for AMs in Wales

- Organise a fundraising activity and raise moneyRA Awareness Week - Fundraising
By doing so, you will be supporting all those who rely on NRAS for information and support with their RA. You could host an NRAS Tea Party, NRAS BBQ, or an NRAS Quiz Night! There are a lot of choices. Give us a call on 01628 823 524 or email us by clicking on the button below. We'll help you get started with balloons, posters and ideas.

- Host an information stand RA Awareness Week - Info stand
What better way to raise awareness than going to your local library, pharmacy, hospital, supermarket or gym, and sharing information about RA. It could make a huge difference. Contact us and we'll deliver free resources to you to help you set up.

Check out all the local events that are already being planned in the UK and see if you can attend one of those! If your region is not on the list and you or someone you know is organising an event or activity, email us at media@nras.org.uk and we'll share your event on social media.

Official RAAW Hashtags: #RAAW #AnyoneAnyAge

Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect AnyoneAnyAge