RA Awareness Week 2015

Thank you for helping raise the profile of RA and change the public perception of this disease.

RA Awareness Week took place from 15th - 21st June 2015 and we asked our supporters to share and make people aware about the realities of living with RA. There were 5 things we asked you to do to get behind the campaign and get the message out there.

Five ways to ask #RuAware

1. Change your cover photo

We asked as many people as possible to change their cover photo on social media during RA Awareness Week.

We created a really powerful image to challenge some of the basic misconceptions about RA and our supporters replaced their twitter and facebook cover images for the week. You can still download the images here.

2. Get the message out there

This year’s campaign focussed on spreading the word online so we could educate even more people about RA.

Over the course of the week we shared key facts and myth busting information about RA and used #RuAware on our messages.

3. Organise a tea party

This is always a great way to raise awareness and funds to support our vital work – whilst having a great time with your friends and family.

You can organise a party for any time of the year!

Register your party today!

4. Join the conversation

We hosted a live twitter Q&A on Thursday 18th June from 4–5pm. People joined in by tweeting in a question to @NRAS_UK using #RuAware.

Our panel of experts were here to answer via video or tweet.

5. Tell us about it

As part of this year’s RA Awareness Week campaign we asked you to tell us all about the realities of living with RA. You can still help by taking part in our ‘RA and you’ survey.

Extra ways you can show your support were and still are:

Wear your NRAS Wristband

You can still start a conversation about RA through wearing an NRAS wristband or other merchandise. It’s a simple way of raising awareness and you may meet others in your community with RA who want to help.

You can purchase an NRAS wristband and other merchandise on our shop.

Put your best foot forward for The RAmble!

We held our second RAmble, a walking event in the beautiful grounds of Spetchley Park in Worcester.

It was a fun way for all the family to raise awareness and make a joint effort for those living with RA.




Media Enquiries

For all media enquires please contact us on 01628 823 524 or media@nras.org.uk

Thanks for helping us raise the profile of RA!