RA Awareness Week 2014

RAAW 2014 - Let’s be vocal and make RA visible!

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Thank you for helping raise the profile of RA and change the public perception of this condition.

Invisible Disease

We asked our members what the campaign theme should be for 2014 and they told us to focus on the 'Invisible Disease’. We used your experiences and ideas about how you have felt invisible with RA or times where people haven’t understood the condition, and came up with three poster concepts. Our members Angie, Carla and Jake featured in the three images which portray situations where someone with RA feels their condition is not understood because it is hard to see the physical effects for those around them. We particularly focussed on pain, stiffness and fatigue, which is the basis of a new study we are published during the week.

Get vocal and make RA visible!

It's not too late to get the campaign posters in your local community and spread the word about the campaign. We asked supporters to find a place for their poster whether it’s a GP surgery, pharmacy, community centre, supermarket, shopping centre or anywhere it will be seen by lots of people (don’t forget to ask permission). Click on the images below to download the posters.

RA Week 2014 poster angie RAAW Poster 2014 - Carla RAAW Poster - Jake

Invisible Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue Survey

To coincide with the launch of this year’s RA Awareness Week and the theme of ‘The Invisible Disease’, NRAS conducted a survey of people with RA around the UK to explore the detailed impacts of chronic fatigue – one of the RA symptoms that is least understood by the public. We have now published our findings so please click here to read more and download the survey.

Put your best foot forward for The RAmble!

In 2014, we held our first walking event, called The RAmble, in the beautiful grounds of Spetchley Park in Worcester on Saturday 21st June! It was a fun way for all the family to raise awareness and make a joint effort for those living with RA. Thanks to all who took part!

Get social to make RA visible!

The easiest way you can help is to spread the word using social media to spread the message far and wide that RA is not invisible. You can still join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #LookDeeper #RAAW14. 

As you can see in the photo below, the NRAS team pledged their support to make RA visible and we asked you to do the same. You can still send us your 'I am making RA visible' photos and use the hashtags #Lookdeeper #RAAW14 tagging us on Facebook or Twitter! If you don't use social media and want to get involved, simply send your photo to media@nras.org.uk and we can share it!

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Celebrity and Political Support

We've are very grateful to Claire King, Jo Wiley, Craig Revel Horwood and Jenny Agutter who have all given their support to RA Awareness Week - click here to find out more.

Many thanks also go to the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP and the leader of the opposition, Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP for giving their support which you can find here.

Media Enquiries

For all media enquires please contact us on 01628 823 524 or media@nras.org.uk

Thanks for helping us raise the profile of RA!

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