RA Awareness Week 2018

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 2018

We need your help!

RA Awareness Week 2018 is taking place from 18th June to 24th June 2018. We are very excited to be building off the back of last year’s campaign (#behindthesmile) and raise even more awareness of this invisible illness and impact on those that have it. But we need your help! 

Take a video - RAAW

We are asking all our supporters, whether you have RA yourself, are a family member, friend or healthcare professional, to film themselves talking about RA on their smartphone camera and send in their video. The video can be anywhere between 30-60 seconds long and should ideally be based on one (or more) of the following topics:

  • How RA affects your joints on a day to day basis and how you’ve overcome different obstacles
  • How RA is about more than just joints - does RA affect your eyes, heart, lungs or other areas of your body?
  • How RA has affected your work or your education
  • Any experiences you have had with your disease feeling invisible e.g. reactions from friends and family, or the general public about it
  • We also want to hear from friends, family, colleagues - how has your RA affected them? Has it made them learn more about the disease? How have they supported you?
  • How does having RA affect you emotionally?
  • Healthcare professionals - How has RA affected your patients? What support can rheumatology teams give them?

We want your positive and negative stories to share throughout the week although unfortunately we cannot guarantee to include them all! You can send your videos to us via the special Dropbox Link here, or email us media@nras.org.uk if you have any difficulties uploading your video. Please send all videos by Wednesday, 30th May 2018.

As with previous years, RA awareness week packs will be available so you can do your bit by putting up posters and helping us spread the word. Inside the packs will be a card featuring the #ReframeRA hashtag which you will also be able to share with us. Packs will be sent out nearer the time but you can submit your interest by completing the form here. We'll send you an email once the packs are available to order.

If you are planning on holding an information stand in your local clinic/hospital, supermarket or other public place, make sure you let us know so we can help promote it. Also, don’t forget to request all the literature you need well in advance to ensure it arrives on time - email enquiries@nras.org.uk with details of your planned event and publication requests.  

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