Scottish Work Survey

Published: 24 Apr 2014

An NRAS survey which aims to bring together several aspects of employment and RA

Employment is a critical issue for so many people with rheumatoid arthritis, and it is one of the major reasons people ask NRAS for support.

Some are worried about taking time off because of their rheumatoid arthritis; others are having difficulty getting the support they need. It is not an overstatement to say that often people call us because they are in crisis: afraid they will lose their job or that they will be unable to continue working. They want to know what their options are, what the future might hold and whether they can realistically hope to maintain their career. Worries about the financial implications of not working only add to their stress.

And the costs of not working, or working less, are high, both for individuals and their families and for the economy overall. There is now a considerable amount of evidence about this, as well as the anecdotal evidence we and others have from the people we support. Traditionally, the costs of health and social care, the personal costs to individuals and the costs
to economic productivity have been considered separately – but now we need to challenge that, and it is one of NRAS’s priorities.

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