'I Want to Work' Survey

Published: 1 Jan 2014

This survey aims, for the first time, to provide a national picture of the impact of RA on employment, from the patients’ perspective. It considers the barriers they perceive to staying in work, and their assessment of what would help to remove those barr

Rheumatoid arthritis represents a huge cost to the UK economy, both in terms of health costs and because of lost working days.

The survey was designed by the NRAS team together with an independent market research company specialising in healthcare. Questions were developed from issues raised by NRAS members and calls to the NRAS helpline.

We hope that this survey will provide timely and valuable information for:

  • Individuals with RA, about others’ experiences in the workplace.
  • Employers, about the kind of problems people experience in the workplace. We hope the case studies will be of particular interest.
  • Health professionals, about how the disease impacts on individuals in relation to their work and the crucial need for people to be able to rely on rapid access to expert help when needed.
  • Policy makers, about the vital contribution of healthcare services as well as employment support by both employers and government all working together, to enable people with rheumatoid arthritis to continue working.