6. JIA

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  • Managing JIA in School

    6. JIA | 4 Jul 2016

    Hard Copy Available

    Attending school is a huge part of a child’s life. It provides structure and stability, as well as helping children develop crucial social, emotional and behavioural skills.

  • JIA Explained

    6. JIA | 28 Nov 2018

    Hard Copy Available

    JIA Explained has been created with the shared expertise and knowledge from parents, health care professionals and JIA-at-NRAS staff.

  • Emotions & Mental Health

    6. JIA | 15 Mar 2016

    General guidance on mental health and young people

  • 'A Focus on Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis' Report

    6. JIA | 24 Sep 2014

    In the Spring 2014 we published a comprehensive report on the service provision of JIA in the UK.