NRAS statement on the breaking news regarding the Pfizer Vaccine

Published: 10 Nov 2020

The Pfizer vaccine is not a live vaccine but there are many other vaccines in the pipeline – some live, but most not.

Most vaccine trials have excluded people with rheumatic disease on immune modulation from participation, so we currently do not have data to base decisions upon if they will be safe for those on certain medications. However, the safety data from one of the trials that one of our medical advisor is an investigator on is currently showing no safety concerns but the trial is still ongoing.

The vaccine pipeline for COVID is substantial, and multiple vaccines are likely to come to market in the next 6 months.

Although timelines are tight, the process has been rigorous and trial conduct is being scrutinised very carefully.

Not all the vaccines will be suitable for people on immunosuppression – and we anticipate clarification on this to follow.

The news about the vaccines is very promising, and an important part of the response to the pandemic but to be absolutely clear we should all continue to wear masks, social distance and follow hand hygiene. There is a sizeable number of the population who are either going to refuse to have a vaccine ( for all sorts of reasons) or who may not be able to have the vaccine for medical reasons so we must continue to follow guidance to keep ourselves and our families, colleagues, neighbours safe.