RA news

  • Review published in 'Musculoskeletal Care' with contribution from NRAS

    14 Oct 2020

    Just published in 'Musculoskeletal Care' - The Value, impact and role of nurses in rheumatology outpatient care: Critical review of the literature

  • Covid Choices survey results

    21 Sep 2020

    1 in 3 people delay medical care in COVID-19 pandemic. Lack of information drives on-going fear of attending appointments. Patients need clear, consistent information about COVID-19 safety measures before going to hospital and GP appointments, according to a public survey led by the Patient Information Forum (PIF).

  • We R.A. Priority

    8 Sep 2020

    NRAS is pleased to announce our work with the campaign “We R.A. Priority” which is being led by Gilead Sciences from Tuesday 8 September. The campaign aims to support adults of all ages with this hidden disease and open up discussions to dispel the misperceptions that exist around this condition.