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My Arthritis is a clinician-approved, patient-designed app for patients that helps patients to take control of their condition and improve their health outcomes. Developed by Ampersand Health in partnership with NRAS as Content Partners, the app draws on expertise of patients and clinicians from King's College Hospital. It helps people manage their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) day-to-day, bringing together a personal health record, daily tracking and easy-to-access help and support from NRAS resources embedded within the app.

Hospitals that sign up can use the app to manage their patients remotely, improving care quality and reducing unnecessary hospital visits.

As someone with RA, you can use the app to
• track flares and maintain a symptom log to identify what may be causing them
• manage your care plan, medication and hospital or GP appointments
• access and share your medical records from anywhere
• obtain advice and discover local events organised by leading patient groups
• access useful information from the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

Patients whose clinical teams have signed up to the app can:
• communicate with their care teams via messaging and phone
• report symptoms remotely, allowing care teams to intervene early as required

RA can impact on every aspect of an individual’s life, so being more engaged in one’s own care and treatment and learning good self-management techniques is essential for improving quality of life. We believe that apps such as My Arthritis will provide timely access to high quality, evidence-based information on – for example - managing flares, thus improving adherence to treatment and confidence to take the right steps to self-manage effectively.

The app is free to download and helps people maintain a personalised care plan and health record, monitor symptoms, track appointments, list treatments, keep notes and easily access information and support from NRAS. Moreover, if hospital rheumatology departments sign up, they can use the app to send messages to patients and manage their care remotely, improving care quality, building stronger links with patients and reducing unnecessary hospital visits.

Sometimes you can feel isolated in managing your disease and better communication and increased involvement in your own care can help you take control.

My Arthritis is currently being used by many people living with RA and several hospitals are either using or about to start using the platform to manage their patients remotely when appropriate.

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