Medical Technology Group Patients and Medical Technology survey

NRAS has been asked by the Medical Technology Group to share with you the opportunity to share your views on telephone and virtual video consultations etc. via a short survey.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on the National Health Service, requiring healthcare workers to quickly adapt, while significantly impacting the way services are delivered. The Medical Technology Group is looking to gain an insight into how the pandemic has affected patients' experience, how they receive their care and engage with clinicians, and the extent to which medical technology has played a role.

We also want to track changes in attitudes towards technology among patients and establish whether there is regional or demographic variation in patients' experience, notably in access to care and procedures. We will use this insight to highlight ways in which the health service can adapt, make services more efficient and equitable, and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

To gather data, we are launching the Medical Technology Group Patients and Medical Technology survey.

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