How your money helps

Your help will make a difference and ensure that we can continue to support people who live with rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile idiopathic arthritis and help them to lead as full a life as possible.

In 2016, we continued to help those living with, and impacted by RA and JIA to be able to live the life they want and deserve.  Our goal is to be there for anyone diagnosed with RA or JIA right at the start of their journey and whenever they need us along the way.  The following figures include 3.5% of our total income covering costs of governance

  • 33% Changing Minds - we provide education and support in many different ways for people living with RA and JIA.  We also help to change the minds and behaviours of health professionals by educating them about the real impact of living with RA and JIA and providing specialist educational workshops.

  • 32% Changing Services - one of our key strategic aims is to influence and shape the policy and service environment to ensure equitable access to the best treatment and care for all with RA and JIA.   
  • 35% Changing lives - we are committed to providing support, information, services, education and patient advocacy of the highest                                                                        quality to and on behalf of all those affected by RA and JIA.