RA Webinar

During 2018 NRAS hosted four webinars as part of our new programme: ‘RA Matters Online’ - bringing expert speakers live to your home!

You can now watch the recordings of all four of these webinars by clicking on the links below. All you need to do is put in a few details and then you will have access to the recording. For more information or to get in touch with regards to anything webinar related, please email webinars@nras.org.uk.  

'Current questions and future directions - an update on research in RA' By Dr Catherine Swales (recorded in May 2018) 

Click here to watch Dr Catherine Swales' webinar

'How to get the best out of your rheumatology service' by Dr James Galloway (recorded in August 2018)

Click here to watch Dr James Galloway's webinar

'The importance of physical activity in rheumatoid arthritis' by Prof. George Metsios (recorded in September 2018)

Click here to watch Prof. George Metsios' webinar

'An update on the latest medicines for rheumatoid arthritis' by Prof. Peter Taylor (recorded in November 2018)

Click here to watch Prof. Peter Taylor's webinar