Database Manager


Job Summary 
Job Title Database Manager
Salary £30,000 FTE  + Contributory Pension Scheme
Hours 35 Hours Per Week | Flexible | Core Hours: 10AM-4PM
Location Maidenhead, Berskhire, SL6 7RJ (Map)
Reporting to Web and Digital Media Manager
Closing Date 30th May 2019

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This is a fantastic opportunity for a Database Administrator with 1+ year technical experience who is keen to expand upon their knowledge and experience of Salesforce environments by working on different aspects of its technical administration
We’re a leading and dynamic health charity in the field of rheumatology based in Maidenhead (Berkshire) seeking a Database Manager to join our team of 25 people who can support the organisation with the ongoing management and development of its data and database. Our future success and next 3-year strategic plan is dependent on our being able to use the data we hold and collect more effectively and intelligently than ever.

Key Responsibilities

The main responsibilities for the Database Manager will include but aren't restricted to the following:

Database Management and Security

Being the first point of contact for all internal staff with the use of Salesforce. This will involve day-to-day support with running reports, importing data, modifying fields, troubleshooting issues and working with internal teams to fulfil their Salesforce requirements. The job holder will also need to ensure all NRAS data is being stored and secured in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Database Integration

Assist the Web & Digital Media Manager (DM) in ensuring the database integrates with the organisation's website(s) and its other digital assets seamlessly. This will involve conducting regular testing through Sandbox and potentially working with fields, workflows, process, builder, validation rules etc.

Creation of Database Policies

Create handling policies and processes to ensure data is being entered, stored and processed in a systematic secure way.

Internal Staff Training

Provide internal training to any new and existing staff regarding best practice in data entry and data management. Whilst the role of the Database Manager is key for providing day-to-day Salesforce support, they will need to be able to create processes that staff can follow for basic tasks independently, such as entering new records or extracting straight-forward reports.

Data Segmentation

Once settled into the role, the post holder will work with the Web and Digital Media Manager and other teams to explore how Salesforce can be used to segment data and provide a more personalised communications approach.

Specific Duties

  • Providing day-to-day support to internal staff with use of Salesforce
  • Create and compile Salesforce reports as requested by internal teams for bespoke projects
  • Assist internal teams in identifying user journeys using Salesforce
  • Develop and maintain data entry and reporting process
  • Monitor data integrity to maintain an overall high-level of data quality
  • Evaluate new version releases of Salesforce-related tools and their compatibility with our current systems. 
  • Work with internal teams to collect information on any current technical issues and troubleshoot them as appropriate
  • Regularly report to the Digital Media Manager and SMT (Senior Management Team) on baseline performance metrics
  • Conduct regular audits of our data capture processes to ensure consistency and adherence to data regulations such as GDPR
  • Regularly perform database de-duping and clean-up procedures
  • Create and manage user profiles, licenses and dashboards

Skills and Experience


  • Minimum of 1-year experience working as a Database Administrator
  • Proven experience of providing technical administration with a CRM system, preferably Salesforce
  • Proven experience in manipulation of raw data and presenting it in a structured and visual format
  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of Salesforce CRM configuration, including the use of workflows, process builder, validation rules and setup of profiles and permissions
  • Strong IT skills, particularly in MS Excel at intermediate or advanced level
  • Adaptable and quick to learn, with a strong motivation to improve and develop own skills
  • Ability to articulate complex technical topics to a non-technical audience
  • Process-driven approach
  • Strong team member – enjoys working as part of a team and prepared to contribute when required
  • Ability to write and maintain documentation
  • Keen eye for detail and analytical skills
  • Ability to prioritise


  • Salesforce ADM 201 Certification
  • Previous experience of working within the charity sector
  • Experience in data analysis
  • Experience in integrating Salesforce with third-party platforms such as Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey etc.
  • Previous experience in assisting with the integration of a website with Salesforce
  • Technical background in IT or Marketing preferred

Personal Circumstances and Attributes

  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines 
  • Highly motivated and committed
  • Positive outlook and approach


The post holder will report to the Web and Digital Media Manager as illustrated in the chart above.

The post holder will work closely with:

  • The Web & Digital Media Manager, the CEO, the Finance Director, department heads and all staff
  • External stakeholders where relevant regarding our data and data management

Budget Responsibility

Budgeting - setting the budget related to Salesforce activity and handling and managing this throughout the year

Other Duties

Attendance and participation in team meetings. Any other duties as requested by SMT

Representing NRAS

Represent NRAS appropriately to external stakeholders, funders and partners promoting it as a respected, trusted and ambitious charity resulting in partnerships, successful funding and effective collaborative working, where needed

We operate flexible start and finish times and provide a generous Time off in Lieu policy. It should be noted that some out of hours working for which TOIL will not apply should be expected and is just part of the job. NRAS expects all employees to respect the unique contribution of every individual and operates an equal opportunity and diversity policy. All employees must work responsibly within the health and safety policy of the organisation and ensure they are always observing this.
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