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winter 2013 magazineCopies of the comprehensive NRAS magazine

Keeps you updated with new developments, what people with rheumatoid arthritis and NRAS are achieving. 

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Members only monthly e-newsletters 

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members day

 Members Events 

Annual Conferences: In 2012 we held our first annual conference near our offices in Maidenhead which was a great occasion with an excellent presentation by our main speaker Professor Peter Taylor. Since then we have held similar events in Birmingham, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Stirling and Nottingham areas.  In 2017, we are holding conferences in Swindon and Wrexham and in 2018 we are planning conferences in Durham and Scotland.  Members and their guest can attend for free.  

Health care champions event

Healthcare Champion Awards: NRAS regularly holds its Healthcare Champion Awards which honours those healthcare professionals who have gone the extra mile for the RA and JIA patients.  Only Members are eligible to nominate  and we invite the ten top Healthcare Champions in the UK, and those Members who successfully nominate them, to attend a high profile awards ceremony in London. 

Access to the Members' area

Our special, private area on the website where you can communicate with other 

online forum

members, talk about daily difficulties or successes and help  reduce the feelings of isolation. It’s also a place to let off steam or just have a general chat with others living with the disease.

Members' Surveys and Research Projects

We are contacted on a regular basis by universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical partners and other researchers who wish to get RA patients involved in their projects. NRAS also carries out its own social research e.g. on benefits, social care, work etc. Members are always the first to hear about all of our projects and can get involved through surveys, focus groups and clinical trials.  

Political Campaigning

We campaign at all levels on your behalf to improve services for people with RA. As a member you can play a role too.


Volunteer Network

Get support from others with RA – or perhaps volunteer to help others. All of our volunteers are Members and you can find out more about volunteering here

Plus by joining you will be helping us to support our key services: our Helpline, group meetings and publications. 

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