Anxiety, Mood and Depression in Arthritis Talk

Having a chronic illness like Arthritis and Connective Tissue Diseases can be emotionally challenging. In fact, if you are diagnosed with arthritis and connective tissue diseases, the first thing you may find yourself doing is dealing with the powerful feelings that surface, including anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. After overcoming the initial reaction, the daily challenges posed by these conditions increase your risk for emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Studies have shown that patients with arthritis and connective tissue diseases, particularly those with active disease who suffer from disability that limits ability to function, are at high risk for depression and anxiety.

Colin Beevor- Matron “This research highlights the importance of getting the appropriate treatments to control inflammation and joint disease and limit the impact of the disease and being alert for emotional problems as they arise so that they can be managed appropriately with the many drug and non-drug treatment options available we have available today”

Senior Sister Julie Ingall – Clinical Manager and Nurse Specialist “we are pleased to be able to offer people living with arthritis and connective tissue diseases an event which we hope will help the person living with these conditions and also support family and friends in understanding anxiety, mood and depression conditions. Family and friends need to know how their support is invaluable and know when to ask for help, so their loved one doesn’t have to go through it alone”

Event: 'Anxiety, Mood and Depression in Arthritis Talk'

Date: Saturday 11th August 2018

Location: TBA


9.30am: Registration

9.45am: Anxiety, Mood and Depression

10.45am: Refreshments

11.15am: Next steps - building resilience - time to chat

To register for this event:


Telephone: 02392 228 6935

Write to: Rheumatology Conferences, c/o Department of Rheumatology, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, PO6 3LY