Adrenaline Rush

Are you an adrenaline junkie always waiting to see what your next challenge is going to be?  Here are a few for you to choose from: 

Velocity is the fastest ZIP LINE in the world and the longest in Europe and is the nearest thing to flying you will ever experience!  This adventure takes you on the Little Zipper to build up your confidence before taking on Velocity.  You will take in the stunning views from the Big Top of Velocity (if you are brave enough to open your eyes!) before descending down the zip line reaching speeds well in excess of 100mph!
For more information or to book your place click here.     


Normally you fly inside a plane rather than on it, when you WING WALK you will actually be on the plane, completely open to the elements!  You can realise your dream of becoming a wing walker whilst raising money for NRAS.   Family and friends can come along to watch you from below revelling in the triumph of your incredible challenge whilst you will probably be pulling some priceless facial expressions from above! Bring out the daredevil in you and sign up today.  For more information on this challenge or to book your place please click here.


BUNGEE JUMPING is not for the faint hearted!  If you would like to take on something a little unusual to raise money for NRAS a bungee jump is the thing for you!  You will get to dive head first from a platform and plummet to the ground before the elastic cord attached to your ankles breaks your fall leaving you hanging suspended by your ankles!  This challenge will really get your adreniline flowing!  For more information or to book your place click here


skydive team 2014

Are you brave enough to leap from a plane at 13,000 feet?  If you are a TANDEM SKYDIVE is for you!  This is a once in a lifetime experience of jumping from a plane with an experienced jumper, feel the wind rushing against your face as you fall through the clouds and then free fall at over 120mph!  Suddenly your canopy opens and you begin an amazing parachute descent from a mile up in the air.  For more information or to book your place please click here.


ABSEIL from the Arcelormittal Orbit and raise funds for NRAS. For those who like heights (and those who don't) this is a unique experience not to be missed! Your experience will involve abseiling from the 80 metre high abseil platform down to the ground, a 'free fall' abseil as you won't touch anything once you have left the platform until you reach the ground. Val, took part in this abseil recently and said "this was the scariest challenge I have ever taken part in, I'm terrified of heights and absolutely thought that on the day I wouldn't be able to do it. Having completed it I am so pleased and proud of myself, what an achievement". 

Would you like to speak to someone before booking this experience? Email or give us a call on 01628 501547. For more information on this challenge or to book your place please click here 

If you would like to contact our events team before booking any of these challenges please either email or call us on 01628 501547 - she will convince you one of the above challenges is perfect for you! You might even like to rope a few friends in to take part too, make a day of it. 

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