About Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart was an interactive online video programme that we developed to help those with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) understand why they are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the impact RA can have on the most important organ - the heart! Love your Heart v1 was launched in 2018 but in transferring information and data to the new NRAS website to be launched later in 2020, we have decided to take it down as the content is going to be repurposed into a cardiovascular risk assessment module within a brand new e-learning programme (SMILE-RA) which NRAS is currently developing on a new learning management system platform.


Dr. Holly John, Consultant Rheumatologist commented:

The increased risk of CVD for people with RA has the same level of severity as those who suffer with type 2 diabetes. It’s astonishing how many people with RA don't know that their condition could be detrimental to their heart. Once aware, it’s very easy to manage risk factors that are within their control from home with a healthier lifestyle, so Love Your Heart as a discreet module within SMILE-RA will be able to significantly raise awareness of this and help to address this major co-morbidity which can shorten the lives of those with RA.

Ailsa Bosworth MBE, National Patient Champion for NRAS said:

In spite of the numbers of people with RA in the UK (>400,000) RA does not have the public awareness of diseases such as Parkinson’s (127,000) and Multiple Sclerosis (100,000). It is still a relatively misunderstood and invisible disease. Getting to a diagnosis can therefore often be challenging as people don’t recognise the symptoms as a medical emergency. Equally, the increased risk of CVD is relatively unknown and so I’m really excited to have worked with Dr. John to develop the original version of Love Your Heart and hope that its conversion to a module within SMILE-RA will help even more people with RA, like myself, to lead a longer and healthier life by addressing those risk factors that are within our own control.

We are excited to be able to bring our new cardiovascular risk management module to people with RA within our E-Learning Programme SMILE-RA during 2021. The first modules of SMILE-RA will launch at the end of 2020.

Watch this space!!

For more information about cardiovascular risk in RA, check out our publication ‘Living Better with RA’ www.nras.org.uk/publications