RA Awareness Week 2016

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13 - 19 June 2016

NRAS is hosting it's RA Awareness Week (RAAW) 2016 from 13 to 19 June this year. The focus of this year’s theme is 'Spotlight on RA', which we are using to highlight some key elements of life with RA, whilst also taking the opportunity to share with people who don’t know what RA is, the early symptoms of the disease.

Our focus this year is around the higher prevalence of Depression and Cardiovascular Disease among those living with RA and the impact of Smoking on the disease.

Depression affects up to 40% of patients with RA, where pain, fatigue and ability to cope with the impact of the disease heavily influence mood and both physical and emotional wellbeing. Excessive inflammation in the body can also affects the blood vessels, lowers the amount of good cholesterol, and makes the blood more prone to clot, this increases the risk of Cardiovascular disease. And did you know that smoking can double the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis? It is also know to reduce the effectiveness of treatment and reducing the possibility of achieving disease remission.

Despite this negative reading there is help and support available and small steps you can take to reduce your risks. But, it is only with your help that we can ensure that we are reaching the most number of people with our messages so more and more people learn about RA. You can get involved by:

  1. Change your cover photo
    Show your support for the RA community by replacing your Twitter and Facebook cover images for the week. Download photo here 

  2. Share our videos and Infographics
    Throughout the week we’ll be sharing videos and infographics to help people understand the impacts of RA. Be sure to use #SpotlightOnRA on all your posts!

  3. Put up a Poster
    RA is not a visible disease, many suffer in silence, or put on a brave face. Having our posters displayed in the community could help someone to find out vital information and support as well as to understand they are not alone. To order our poster click here

  4. Wear your support
    You can start a conversation about RA through wearing an NRAS wristband. It’s a simple way of raising awareness and you may meet others in your community with RA who want to help. You can purchase an NRAS wristband in our shop 

RA Awareness Week Raffle

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Media Enquiries

For all media enquires please contact us on 0845 458 3969 or media@nras.org.uk

Thanks for helping us raise the profile of RA!

RAAW 2015 - Thank you from staff